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Yura and Udnyu A history of the Adnyamathanha of the North Flinders Ranges

Yura and Udnyu A history of the Adnyamathanha of the North Flinders Ranges

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Yura and Udnyu tells a fascinating history of a resourceful people.

The beautiful, rugged north Flinders Ranges is the home of the Adnyamathanha. Their creation stories tell of their physical and cultural longevity in the region. However, their lives and community were seriously disrupted with the advent of British colonialism from the mid-nineteenth century.

Using firsthand accounts from Adnyamathanha and archival sources this book traces the history of colonial incursion and Adnyamathanha responses from 1840 to the era of native title in the twenty-first century. From early violent encounters between Adnyamathanha and colonists looking for land to graze their stock, employment of Adnyamathanha in the pastoral and mining industries, through hard times during droughts and economic depression, the establishment of the United Aborigines Mission at Nepabunna, to the era of self-determination in the 1970s, Adnyamathanha have shown great resilience in their ability to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining a strong sense of identity and community. Throughout, they have seized opportunities to inform the wider society of their cultural knowledge and maintain their rights to country.

Peggy Brock is Emeritus Professor of History at Edith Cowan University, Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. Since the 1980s, when the first edition of this book was published, she has written extensively on Indigenous responses to colonialism. Her most recent books are Indigenous Evangelists and the Question of Authority in the British Empire (co-author) and Colonialism and its Aftermath: A history of Aboriginal South Australia (co-editor).