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Wooden Night Light Puzzle Zebra

Wooden Night Light Puzzle Zebra

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Puzzle Master for years have been one of the premier names in jigsaw puzzles and their new Wooden Puzzle Night Light series is something truly epic! Build an amazing wolf nightlight that will have you howling at the moon, one piece at a time.

What is so much fun about this Puzzle Master Wooden Puzzle Night Life Wolf set is that with just a few simple steps, six to be exact. You will have an epic night light that will give any room some nice mood lighting. However, this also has the look of a very high end piece of collectible art as well! Anyone that thinks wolves are cool (and who doesn't?) is going to love having this on display in their home.

While you may think that the Puzzle Master Wooden Night Light range is going to be difficult. These puzzles are completed with only ten pieces! You use the wooden pieces to make the actual wolf night light and then the LED light and the acrylic piece is going to be what makes this shine! It is so simple to do, but each time you look at it you will smile as you know you built it with your own two hands!

?Key Features:

  • When lit up, this wolf puzzle looks so cool!
  • It even manages to look very cool when it is not lit up
  • Building this night light could not be any easier!
  • It comes with an LED light in the package
  • If you think wolves are cool, you are going to truly love having this on display!