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Wooden Night Light Puzzle Possum

Wooden Night Light Puzzle Possum

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How adorable is this Puzzle Master Wooden Puzzle Night Light Wombat set? Bring the fun, excitement, and challenge of a Puzzle Master jigsaw puzzle to the world of 3D with this amazing set!

This range of fantastic puzzles from Puzzle Master shows why they are regarded as one of the best in the world when it comes to puzzles. Rather than being your standard jigsaw puzzle, the Puzzle Master Wooden Puzzle Night Light Wombat set once built is like a 3D piece of art that you would find in a gallery or some kind of fancy gift shop while on vacation! It is made even more special as it comes with an LED light that will illuminate that adorable wombat making this something that is equally as good at being a child's nightlight as it is sitting in the living room as a piece of art.

You do not have to worry about being as confused as a wombat deciding what is the best way to climb a tree when putting this together. There are only ten pieces here, the main structure is made of wood which is what gives this such a cool look. However, the acrylic piece and the LED light are what make this glow like it is magic. It is such a fun project and one that is free from any kind of frustration when it comes to putting each piece into its rightful place.

?Key Features:

  • This wombat is so cute!
  • The whole construction process is only six steps!
  • The instructions explain each step very easily
  • The way this lights up makes it looks like a museum piece!
  • This is fun to build!